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Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist
Responsibilities: -
  • Report to directly Sr. Manager or CEO Create digital marketing campaigns and monitor their progress.
  • Optimize the campaigns with CPC, CPI, CPA, CTR, CPM after analyzing their performance. Set up ad groups and keywords.
  • Checking daily, weekly, and monthly performance report of campaigns for key metrics.
  • Manage the organization’s website Tracking website traffic flow regularly & have to provide internal reports.
  • Creating SMS, GIFs for a campaign. Integrate email-based marketing campaigns.
  • Do the required optimization of content for the webpage, and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Fixing up errors in the online content of website, posts, emails, and other marketing collateral.
  • Editing and posting articles, website content, content for videos, podcasts, and audio.
  • Arrange guest posts, webinars, and webcasts on a regular basis. Optimize Landing Pages according to the requirement.
  • Identify new digital marketing trends and strengthen brand positioning. Search Engine Optimization to be done for the website pages.
  • Sketching & Execution of the company’s product and services in the digital space.
  • Execution of social media efforts in order to improve likes, shares, KPIs, tweets, etc.
  • Create Campaigns for contextual marketing. Experience in managing, implementation of media buying campaigns within timeline and budget is a must.
  • Candidate should be familiar with the concept of A/B & multivariate testing.
Candidate Profile Essential: -
  • A self-motivated & result-oriented person with the ability to work in detail. Excellent verbal & written communication skill. Must be able to translate thoughts into creative & result oriented campaigns.
  • Mandatory to have handling experience of the annual budget of 2 to 3 crores.
  • Should be able to handle the PPC campaigns of International clients. Must understand how mobile & web analytical tools, marketing, performance tracking & automation software works Develop, implement, and manage marketing campaigns that promote the products and services of a company.
  • Expert in enhancing brand awareness and acquiring leads.
  • 5 years of professional experience in managing campaign performance. Should Possess an analytical, organizational, and project management Skill.
PPC Executive
Responsibilities: -
  • Develop search and display PPC campaigns for national and international clients.
  • Achieve maximum ROI in paid search, display & shopping campaigns. Analyze campaign performance data and Optimize it according to the recent market trends.
  • Must be able to track, report, and analyze website analytics, and PPC campaigns.
  • Capable of optimizing the landing pages of paid marketing campaigns. Expert in research and analysis of competitor’s advertising.
  • Monitor the budgets and manage the expense of campaigns apart from estimating the monthly costs.
  • Able to do In-depth website analysis and co-operate with the respective department for making the required changes.
  • Measuring the CTA performance, A/B and multivariate testing to improve conversion rate consistently.
  • Manage to maximize lead generation. Rectify landing & thank you page. Optimize the lead-to-customer conversion rate.
  • Cooperate with the different specialized team responsible for creative copy, social media, SEO, and email for optimizing conversion path.
  • Increase qualified leads & conversions for the sales team. Improve marketing funnel efficiencies.
Candidate Profile Essential: -
  • A Motivated and self-starter who will do in-depth work without day to day guidance.
  • Work with Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist and report to him. Should have superb verbal & written communication skill. Must be innovative and pro-active.
  • It is mandatory to have experience of managing 1 to 2 crores of national and international paid campaigns both for search and display network.
  • Knowledge of mobile & web analytical tools, marketing, performance tracking & automation software is a must.
  • Must have knowledge in developing, implementing, and managing marketing campaigns related to company products and services.
  • Expert to increase lead generation and brand awareness.
  • 2-3 years of professional experience in managing campaign performance.
  • Expert with analytical, organizational, and project management Skill.
SEO Executive
Responsibilities: -
  • Reviewing of the company website.
  • Target the areas of improvement after analyzing the site thoroughly. Optimization of the specific site for increasing its ranking in the google search engine.
  • Making a detailed strategy reports depending on the key metrics. Search and use powerful keywords in the right places to increase the traffic.
  • Co-Operate with PPC strategist for keywords, analytics, and other required places.
  • Developing powerful CTA (call-to-action) terms for converting visitors into customers.
  • Monitoring keyword density and other required aspects. Provide effective keywords to the creative team and creating a rapport for making content appealing yet effective.
  • Be the part of the marketing team and coordinate with Social Media, PPC strategists for improving the quality of work.
  • Developing link building strategies. Analyze competitor keywords and SEO techniques. Strategies accordingly for increasing the site rank.
  • Get updated on both SEO strategies (white and black hat SEO).
  • Knowledge of Google Algorithm, SEO on-page & off-page optimization. Following SEO guidelines. Accumulating and presenting SEO guidelines to the new team members.
  • Provide Constructive Feedback to the team and the higher management. Report to Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist.
Candidate Profile Essential: -
  • Previous experience of implementing content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO strategies.
  • Practical knowledge of working on websites, forums, and other marketing platforms.
  • Creative thinker who can work independently. Identify the problem areas and resolve them without upsetting the marketing policies.
  • Must be able to communicate well both verbally and through written copies. Should be a team player. Must be able to make work reports.
  • Should be familiar with Google analytics Experience of numerous website optimization tools is preferred.
  • A decision maker with strong organizational, analytical, and time management skills.
Social Media Executive
Responsibilities: -
  • Develop Social Media Campaigns for product & services.
  • Strategies for different social media platforms according to the requirement Implementing and Managing the social media strategy including content ideation, budget planning, and schedule from time to time.
  • Monitor Social Media Content and managing as per the requirement.
  • Define the social media KPIs Create a detailed sheet of social media campaign success parameters Measuring the performance of every social media campaign and create a detailed report.
  • Stay Updated with the latest trends of social media. Use advanced technologies to follow the best social media practices.
  • Use various tools for developing, tracking the roadmap of social media marketing.
  • Attend various conferences related to Social Media Marketing. Cooperate with Creative, Marketing, Product Development, and Sales Team for making the campaigns informative yet appealing.
  • Monitoring the sales volume regularly. Develop a detailed daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly report for the higher management. Oversee the effects of SEO. Check user engagement of the campaign before suggesting content optimization.
  • Build a strong network by communicating with influencers & industry professionals via social media platforms.
  • Helps to build a strong team with assistance in hiring and training Giving constructive feedback to higher management.
Candidate Profile Essential: -
  • Experience of 2-3 years as a Social Media Specialist.
  • Strategies for Social Media Platforms using for improving brand awareness. Superb knowledge of platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram.
  • A clear concept of marketing & understanding of SEO and other web traffic metrics.
  • Improving the experience of the current customer.
  • Knowledge of increasing potential customer.
  • Thorough research on consumer behavior.
  • Understanding of different social media KPIs.
  • Should be acquainted with web design and publishing works. Team player & critical thinker.
  • Must have excellent time-management, problem-solving & multitasking skills.
  • Outstanding interpersonal & communication skills.
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